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NEWdawn Project
Churches' night shelter

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From Monday 9th January 2023 until Sunday 2nd April 2023, NEWdawn hosted a winter night shelter for single adults who are rough sleeping, or without accommodation in Newham. We partnered with 13 congregations and using 11 church buildings to provide evening shelter, warmth, food, care and hospitality for a total of 27 guests.


Every guest who comes to NEWdawn is assessed in our Day Centre, NEWday. Guests in NEWdawn will need to be assessed by NEWday as low needs, physically able to manage a church circuit, have a Newham connection and have a willingness and capacity to engage in making positive steps to change their circumstances. Once guests are offered a place, they will be given a case worker within NEWday and have a tailored care plan, to ensure they do not return to the street after the shelter circuit. Guests will attend NEWday at least 3 times a week to work intensively on their support plan.


If you would like to refer yourself or somebody you work with to NEWdawn night shelter, please attend NEWday, Bobby Moore Pavilion, 118 Napier Road, East Ham E62SG between the hours of 9am and 12.30pm, Monday to Friday. You will be asked to register, and provide basic information, before being booked in for a full assessment.



Is NEWdawn an emergency drop-in service?
No. Every person who sleeps in NEWdawn is assessed by the workers in our Day Centre. Each guest will be required to sign a guest agreement and adhere to our codes of behaviour. We are a volunteer-led service, with communal sleeping arrangements, and so we are careful to minimize risk and ensure suitability and safety for all who stay.

Is NEWdawn being run from a hotel this year?
No. For the past 2 years, NEWdawn followed Public Health and Government guidance to run the winter night shelter from single-room hotel during the Covid pandemic. This was funded through Government grants. As Operating Principles for communal settings changed, and Covid funding ceased, we returned to partnering with our churches and congregations in Newham to provide much needed shelter to those without accommodation over the coldest months.

Is it safe to stay in communal settings?
NEWdawn worked closely with colleagues in Newham Public Health and completed detailed risk assessments. Shared accommodation may not be suitable for those who are clinically extremely vulnerable, and this is determined at our initial assessment. NEWdawn have measures in place for quick recognition of symptoms, rapid testing is available onsite and isolation of any symptomatic and/or positive cases can be arranged. NEWdawn is providing opportunities to promote vaccination offers onsite and GP registration for those who need it.

How does a Church Circuit work?
Once a guest is offered a place, they are given a detailed handbook with the venue addresses for the churches offering the accommodation across each week. Guests will be allowed entry to the church at 7.15pm and asked to leave at 8.30am the following day. During the evening, they will be given a hot meal to share together, a warm and clean bed, social activities and a safe place to be. A minibus will be available on Monday to Friday at 8.30am to bring guests to NEWday. The venue
changes each evening.

What support is available in NEWday?
NEWday is commissioned in Newham as part of the Integrated Rough Sleeping Service. We have our own Advocates onsite, who will lead casework for each NEWdawn guest. NEWday is a centre for other services. Such services include Praxis immigration advice, DWP Benefit Advice outreach, Debt advice, RAMHP, Alcoholics Anonymous, CGL Newham Rise outreach, Bounce Back employment services, BEAM, GP appointments and registrations, Dental services, NEWlife social
enterprise as well as showers, laundry services, cooked breakfast and lunch, and social opportunities.

Can I volunteer for NEWdawn?
NEWdawn works with local congregations to host each evening, but we are always looking for the community members who have availability and willingness to sleep over at nights, help with laundry of bedding, or provide food. If you are interested, please email Ami for more information:

How is NEWdawn funded?
NEWdawn is not commissioned by Newham, nor funded by the government. NEWdawn is, therefore, reliant on the generosity of our community, grant funding, and donations. All donations are gratefully received.

NEWway Project bank details
Bank name: The Cooperative Bank
Account Name: NEWway Project
Account Number: 65690099

Sort Code: 089299

Here are the main examples of our expenses:​
£10 can buy a monthly mobile top-up to keep a guest connected
​£17 can buy an empty new Oyster card with a top-up
£23.30 can buy a weekly bus pass for appointments at Job Centre, GP, trainings, viewings and job
£11- £100 for a new ID

Our shelter is proud to hold the

Housing Justice

'Excellent Practice Standard'

Quality Mark.

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